Using social media for advertising and promoting your business is a must now, but it’s only useful when done correctly. The most important part of using social media is creating content for it that will attract people, while also building your brand. It can be difficult, but here are three tips you can use.

Add Some Humor

One thing that is always sure to attract views and likes is a little bit of humor. Making your audience laugh is the best way to ensure they will remember what they saw, remember who made them laugh, and share it with their friends. The type of humor will depend, but having fun is vital. People always love comedy they can relate to, so use your target audience and customer base to decide what to post. For example, if your audience is stay-at-home moms, then use humor that any mother would understand and relate to. This can be used for any audience.

Show Off Your Culture

People will only be interested in following your company if they feel they know you. Having a culture that people can see and understand will make your company feel less faceless and easier to like. There are lots of ways you can do this, though a good option is wellness activities. A lot of wellness activities can be fun and would make good content to show company culture or show how people are progressing. Show off your company, yourself, your employees, even your customers. Make sure your audience can see you are all real, honest, and likable people.

Follow the Trends

It is important to keep your identity, but with social media, if everyone else is doing it, there’s a reason for that. Whether it’s how-to tutorials, office tours, or product reveals, or even more fun trends like the Harlem Shake or the Ice-Bucket Challenge, if people are watching it then you should be doing it. It also is a way to show you are modern and follow social media trends, just like your audience does. This will make it easier to relate to you and will bring your brand to people who would otherwise not see it.

Social media is vital in marketing now, but it needs to have content to work. Regularly updating with interesting, engaging, and entertaining content will boost your brand and your customer base. Partner with CQ Designs to bring your social media game up to scratch!